Jan. 1st, 2030 01:01 am
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Let's get the easy bits out of the way shall we? Peggy is a lover, not a fighter. Unless you're HYDRA and the like. That said, give me all your MCU characters! The good, bad and in between. Especially all of your Howard's, Jarvis', Steve's, Howling Commandos', SHIELD Agents and more!

Seriously give them to me! /open arms/

As for me I don't bite. I'm easy to plot with and love chatting with others. RL adulting is hard and this is meant to be all fun, even the angst filled stories. Send me a message if you want to plot or just talk about your love for all things Marvel.
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Choose your verse flavored Peggy.

Basically these are my wants. (: See an idea you like? Let's make them into haves. Also, give me all your ideas, even ones not related to those listed. I love AUs.

DEFAULT: Peggy's timeline will always be post S2 of Agent Carter with one minor alteration being she never smooched faces with Daniel. I want all castmates from Agent Carter beginning with A. *wink wink*

Open to crazy war time adventures with any of the Howling Commandos, including Steve and Bucky, clearly. Also war time adventures with Howard, or fondue adventures. But legit fondue. Not fondue.

Magic and science, science and magic, both with a dash of the Time Stone. I mean this is Marvel and Peggy, so HOW CAN YOU NOT toss her sassy ass into the future? I'll go for after she passes in CW, or with older Peggy disappearing when past Peggy magically pops up. If she somehow shows up with a Jarvis in tow that would be a beautiful thing. So if you're up for this as a PSL or in memes - no matter who you play from the MCU - I will love you forever.

Other verse ideas to follow as this is a WIP.


Apr. 29th, 2017 04:08 pm
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